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Note, this profile is different from the one you may have used to register for retreats with Amma.

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We hope the following answers will help clarify questions you may have regarding sign-up and login.

How to sign-up:

Make sure your email is correct. This is very important. The sign-up process ensures that the email you are using is valid by sending a one-time code to your email. If the email is incorrect you will not receive the code which will result in an incomplete account. Please note, that you will need to enter the confirmation code sent to your email in order to fully complete the account setup process. You will not be able to login to an account that is not completely setup. The one-time code is similar to what you may have experienced with other sites and ensures the security of your account.

Use the latest version of browsers such as Google Chrome or Safari or Microsoft Edge or Firefox and make sure JavaScript is enabled. JavaScript is enabled by default so unless you have explicitly disabled JavaScript, you should be ok.

Ensure that you are signed into your email in a different tab before creating your account. In this way, you will be able to enter the confirmation code as part of the sign-up process without leaving the sign-up process. Please note, that the software currently expects you to enter the authorization code during the sign-up process. If you leave the sign-up process without entering the authorization code, it will result in an incomplete account that cannot be used. The authorization code is valid for 24 hours. As long as you are within the sign-up flow and you use a valid email, you will be able to sign-up successfully. uses secure email practices so it is unlikely that the email with the confirmation code will be marked as spam. However, it is always a good idea to check the spam folder as well as other categories (e.g. Promotions in Gmail) for the confirmation email.

Previous Accounts:

I have registered with previously when signing-up for retreats with Amma. Can I use the same account to sign-up for Amrita Silent Retreats?

No. Amrita Silent Retreats is a new registration software and you will have to create a new account before you can use this software. This is true even if you had registered for retreats with Amma in the past.

Email already taken:

I tried to sign-up but I am receiving an message stating that my email has been taken. What should I do?

This can happen if the sign-up process was not completed by entering the confirmation code that was sent to your email. Please email us at and we will be able to help you with the setup process. However, please note that this process can take upto 24 hours.

Password Reset Issues:

I forgot my password and clicked the "Forgot Password" link, but I have not recevied any code to reset my password. What should I do?

If the account has been setup successfully and you clicked the "Forgot password" link, you should receive a confirmation code in your email that you can use to successfully reset your password. You should receive your email within a few minutes. Please check other folders in your email (such as promotions) to make sure the email has not been delivered to a different folder. uses secure email practices and it is unlikely that your email will be tagged as spam. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to check the spam folder for your confirmation code.